FSDSS-379 Sister, don't do that, I'm happy

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Me, Tatsuya and Momo have been close friends since childhood. I've secretly loved Momo since then but never once dared to confess. Time passed like that, and because I was busy with work, I hadn't seen Tatsuya in five years. This time on leave, I decided to go to my best friend's house to stay for a few days. Tatsuya's apartment is quite large, not suitable for someone living alone. And that's right, he has a lover and his lover is Momo! The person I once loved is now my best friend's lover. The truth is ironic, but I can only wish happiness for the two of them. Because of work pressure, Tatsuya often drinks alcohol. When he went to the bathroom, Momo came close to me and wanted to kiss me! Momo hates the smell of alcohol the most, so she absolutely refuses to kiss Tatsuya. On the contrary, I didn't drink alcohol, but according to her, my lips were soft and felt extremely comfortable when kissed. Unable to resist Momo's cuteness, the guilt towards Tatsuya disappeared. For three days, every time Tatsuya was absent, Momo and I were stuck together, our saliva mingling while our mouths were almost inseparable...

FSDSS-379 Sister, don't do that, I'm happy
 Movie Code: FSDSS-379 
 Actor: Momo Honda